018 • Sue Ann Gleason

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  1. Hold up. This woman is a CHOCOLATE expert! Do you really need to read the other 9 reasons to listen?
  2. Okay, so second to that she has over 20k fans on her FB page. All organically created.
  3. Learn why Sue puts some of her services to sleep for a bit.
  4. We dish together on our experiences at conferences and what we learned we didn’t want to do!
  5. Jumping in to a new business world? Sue did this too and it changed the direction of her life.
  6. This gal has some serious integrity.
  7. What do you resonate with in the world? – Sue Ann Gleason
  8. Sue shares the concept of push vs. pull marketing.
  9. Thought to ponder… how are you showing up?
  10. Surrounding yourself with other thought leaders could be a game changer.

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Sue Ann Gleason

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