021 • Karen Osburn

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  1. This amazing woman became a Mom at 41 years old. Now she has a biz that revolves around this topic!
  2. Karen exposes her struggles as a Mom and Business owner. You don’t want to miss it.
  3. She started with NO website and just went straight to a business Facebook page. Hear why.
  4. Facebook Ads exploded her biz and she shares how and why!
  5. Carry on warrior. – Karen Osburn
  6. She is a brilliant and strong woman that I truly admire.
  7. She is moving from a brick and mortar chiro to an online biz woman!
  8. We are all imperfect. We are all enough. – Karen Osburn
  9. A common theme on CLIQUE —> She is intentional about learning.
  10. Her community was built by the verbiage that she used. Sound familiar?

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Karen Osburn


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