023 • Maggie Patterson

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  1. We dig deep into what you may be missing in your marketing.
  2. Is cussing the new online business trend?
  3. Find out Maggie’s thoughts as she dishes on what she got out of the podcast movement conference.
  4. Why podcast? Maggie tells you her story.
  5. Hear more about WHY you need to plan your blog.
  6. She has a KICK-BUTT Facebook group and dishes on how it started to grow. —-> join: www.facebook.com/groups/fuelyourfame/
  7. Find out what crucial item she rocked her business without!
  8. We chat up all the best podcasts out there, find out Maggie Patterson’s fav!
  9. Maybe Facebook isn’t for you?’ Did she really say that?! Find out why.
  10. When it comes to your marketing you don’t have to follow the should’s, flow your gut instead. – Maggie Patterson

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Maggie Patterson

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