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  1. I found the most thankful person I could for you on this joyous Thanksgiving day. Meet Kristen Brown.
  2. Kristen was a very young and unexpected widow but her story doesn’t stop there. #Believer #NewNormal #PushForward
  3. Kristen dishes on what agents told her she needed to get her book published.
  4. You won’t believe it, but this chick labels herself as an introvert. What?
  5. You shouldn’t let tough times stop you from building your dreams. -Kristen Brown
  6. One big way Kristen grew her biz was by being on podcasts just like this one. #Pitch #JustAsk
  7. Close those gaps of the stuff that totally sucks your energy. -Kristen Brown
  8. I do not strive to be a digital marketer; I strive to be a human marketer. -Kristen Brown
  9. Pull back the curtain on who you really are and share that with your followers. -Kristen Brown
  10. If you have a business, being boring, blending in, copying your competition, those are the biggest mistakes you can make. -Kristen Brown

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