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  1. Talk about being a leader of a CLIQUE » Teresa runs and directs her own networking organization – WIN.
  2. Sometimes a community can find YOU.
  3. Do your best and be around the right people that will lift you up and it will take you places – Teresa
  4. You’ll want to hear Teresa’s secrets to filling a room each month.
  5. Not all good networkers are extroverts.
  6. Teresa dishes out the top people in your current CLIQUES you need to be chatting with to find out where you should be hanging out.
  7. It can get easy to get into a pattern of going, going, going.- Teresa
  8. She has a top trick to help you keep up on your follow up.
  9. tena.cious is not the only social media lovers – find out why Teresa puts value into connecting online as well.
  10. Teresa reveals her #1 best networking tip EVER.

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