040 • Susan Shehata

040 • Susan Shehata

Top Ten Reasons to Listen ::

  1. Susan and I dish on releasing hidden obstacles. Intriguing, right?
  2. Her mantra: Do not waste anytime or space on things that do not fulfill you.
  3. She consciously grows groups + likes.
  4. Listen in to find out how she stays consistent on social.
  5. Social was a big topic today and I love it. She dishes on why she loves it so much.
  6. Her biggest influence: Rachel Greenhouse.
  7. She is clearly a connector. #LoveThesePeeps
  8. Guess what? Another introvert on CLIQUE! Not sure how I attract them, but I do!
  9. You have to hear what Susan has up her sleeve for the CLIQUE community… it kinda really rocks.
  10. Hear all about the Inspired Women Collective.

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