043 • Heather Rampolla

043 • Heather Rampolla

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  1. We dove right into Heather’s main passion… food. But just not any kind. #TuneIn
  2. This gal went from Banker to Health Coach. Whoa right. Learn why and how!
  3. Seems that hubbies have a way of enticing their wives to do crazy things. Heather dishes on what her hubs pushed her to do and she hasn’t looked back since.
  4. Use food to love your body. – Heather Rampolla
  5. Heather shares that she loves group coaching women because they are communal creatures. ««« Love this.
  6. This natural introvert states that being put in a leadership excites her extrovert side! Can you relate?
  7. Currently Heather is working mainly online, learn why she is making a bit of a switch.
  8. We go all in on membership sites and dish a bit on trends with online courses.
  9. Another podcaster! Oh how we love them.
  10. Learn about Heather’s opt-in, you will love it.

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  1. Tina March 26, 2015 at 2:46 pm - Reply

    I love Heather Rampolla!

  2. Sheryl Jones March 28, 2015 at 9:13 am - Reply

    Great interview with Heather. I enjoyed the dialog of information that you guys provided. I’m really enjoying the work you provide in the CLICK community

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