046 • Sheryl Jones

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  1. This woman is nicknamed ‘The Queen of Hearts’ and on this episode there is no doubt you will know why!
  2. Sheryl Jones shares how her pain brought her to where she is now in her biz.
  3. We are CELEBRATING today for Sheryl » In October her biz will hit the 10 year mark! Whoop!!
  4. You know how I LOVE to hear that peeps are networking online + in person, Sheryl has a fabmix of awesomeness!
  5. She has authored TWO books… wait and hear how quickly this woman wrote her second one. #Inspiring
  6. Whoa »»» Sheryl has been to 69 conferences! Pretty sure she LOVES conferences, who doesn’t! #WealthofKnowledge
  7. Her Influencers »»» Tony Robins + Les Brown.
  8. She is currently living in 2 worlds. Find out why she says this.
  9. This next one might be my favorite lesson learned on CLIQUE to date… Sheryl is turning 50 this year and she made the intention to do 50 fabulous things! Boom!
  10. Sheryl shares an incredibly inspiring story on the ‘extras’.

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