047 • Racheal Cook

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  1. Racheal’s overnight success took 8 years. Her story is awesome + encourages us all to keep treking!
  2. This is cool »»» Racheal started with a super tight niche and then expanded. Learn why and how it totally helped her biz grow.
  3. She dishes on her #1 list growing tool and of course invites us to join.
  4. Oh this one is good, she shares with us the one thing that all coaches need to do.
  5. I asked how she does it all… I loved her answer and I think you will too.
  6. Want to know how to create an opt-in that people love? Racheal tells us exactly how she did this.
  7. One of the best tips I have ever heard she relates to the addiction of video games. This is a tool can ALL use. #TuneIn
  8. This one tip she shares helps your customers to not have buyers remorse. It is that good.
  9. Need tips on sourcing content? Racheal share a FANTASTIC one. #RachealRocks
  10. Racheal even gives us some real live script to use RIGHT NOW. Love her.

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Are you ready to get fired up and focused? Racheal is here to help. Get your life back in 21 days.


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  1. Tonia April 30, 2015 at 2:16 pm - Reply

    Tena- This was awesome! Great use of my time as always and so many great take-aways!

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