048 • Wendie Pett

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  1. This woman’s heart and soul are beautiful. You can just hear it in her voice. I promise, you could listen to her all day.
  2. Wendie Pett has been at this entrepreneur thing for 15+ years. #GoWendie
  3. She shares how her accident got her to where she is.
  4. This lady is ‘Coach Wendie’ on KTIS Radio.
  5. Perfectionism can keep you stuck. – Wendie Pett
  6. Wendie is full of fantastic ideas to keep you active – even at your desk!
  7. She dishes on how her 84 day program works, runs and how she sells it!
  8. Listen in to hear Wendie’s biggest list builder yet… hint: Her list grew larger with this one effort than most of our lists are in total!
  9. Wendie shares with us her current promotion going on – I totally love the idea of having an inexpensive offer to drive peeps to your site + build an email list.
  10. She is open about her love for God and her deep faith. #MyFav #LoveHer

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TENA ft. Wendie Pett

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