051 • Michelle Evans

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  1. Whoa » This lady switched her focus 3 times. Boom. Don’t be afraid to ditch whatever isn’t serving you and move on.
  2. Michelle is the go-to-gal for all over marketing strategy. She knows her stuff.
  3. Thought » What comes easy for you?
  4. We totally geeked out on #SharkTank. #favshow
  5. How you do anything is how you do everything. « YES to this!
  6. This gal is a part of my #ShePodcasts family. Swoon.
  7. Ooooh and she started in person and moved online. I love hearing how and why peeps switch it up.
  8. This gal opened my eyes to a new way to use your biz card. It was totally a duh moment for me!
  9. Michelle dishes on masterminds and how coolio they are.
  10. Opt-ins, social media, ads… I think we covered it all. #MyWorld #Geek

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