052 • Lucinda Cross

Top Ten Reasons to Listen ::

  1. Ever heard the term ‘side hustler’? Lucinda works with them. 
  2. Oh and she works with corporate Mom dropouts. I totally dig her verbiage.
  3. Vulnerable. This was the state she was in when she started her biz.
  4. Lucinda actually uses her college degree! #MoneyNotWasted #GrabYourDreams
  5. She dishes on the FIRST thing she knew she needed when jumping into biz.
  6. Lucinda shares how she found her first mentor. #ThisIsGood #MentorsNeeded
  7. You have to become the tribe before you build the tribe. – Lucinda Cross
  8. Lucinda shares how being consistent grabbed her spots on the Today Show and in Essence Mag.
  9. She shared a new word with me, you will love it! (and you will hear it from me now, ha.)
  10. We share the same love of having a team to work together on our mission and why.

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