053 • Lane Kennedy

Top Ten Reasons to Listen ::

  1. Lane is SO clear on who she works with and what she offers. It is refreshing. 
  2. This lady run programs + workshops. I love listening to the variety of ‘stuff’ peeps are doing. 
  3. Can’t stand your J.O.B? Listen up. Lane dishes on this and I love it.
  4. Lane’s goal: She wants women to start participating in their lives. 
  5. Whoa – Lane has been coaching for 18 years! (she started when she was 2 of course)
  6. Lane realized she needed a break… and guess what? She took it. Wouldn’t that feel SO good?!
  7. Lane dishes on how SHE stays connected with her CLIQUE. Simple.
  8. Her favorite community »»» Twitter! #LoveHer 
  9. Find out what ONE word Lane doesn’t like to use. #ItsAGoodOne
  10. Everything this lady touches she puts a little personal touch.

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  1. Sheryl Jones June 11, 2015 at 4:49 pm - Reply

    Great interview. I really enjoyed the fact that she loves learning from coaches. I could really connect to that and absorb the lessons that she shared.

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