054 • Andrea Gribble

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  1. Okay, how cool is this… Andrea’s business name starts with a #.
  2. Andrea dishes some crazy stories on connections that her and I have made in the last few months. #Connectors
  3. Everyone has something to teach me. – Andrea Gribble
  4. This gals Target Market is MORE than busy and she shares how she uses that in her favor to sell to them.
  5. Andrea niched WAY down and this created some new obstacles + new opportunities.
  6. Her niche isn’t so small… Andrea shares how many people actually land in her Target.
  7. I asked what her #1 way traffic hits her website, I think you may be surprised by her answer.
  8. The way that Andrea takes action really couldn’t be more inspiring.
  9. We have so much in common that even the way we set goals is similar. Hear all about it.
  10. After listening, my guess is you will be shocked at how long Andrea has been in biz.

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