055 • Amanda Zimmerman

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  1.  This gal lived in 4 cities in 4 months.
  2. At 23 she jumped from corporate and decided it wasn’t worth staying just to build her resume.
  3.  I still can’t get over this one »»» She had 11 different roommates over the course of the 4 months.
  4. Jump off the conveyor belt. – Amanda Zimmerman
  5. Cool part about her travels? She connected with 30+ friends and family.
  6. She shares a bit about the book + author that intrigued her to start the journey.
  7. Her mentor found her »»» cause she was ready for one.
  8. Ask yourself Q’s. – Amanda Zimmerman
  9. This is a great show for all you mamas out there. Sue B. raised this one right!
  10. Amanda dishes one the two things she learned the most from this journey. #WorthListening

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