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When I was 3 1/2 years old, I was blessed with a little baby brother. Being the first born and all, I of course knew his every need and therefore he didn’t really need to talk, right?

I had an answer to every Q my parents threw at us, even if it was really just pointed to him. If I could travel back to the 80’s I imagine I would see the story play out just like that. Me talking and my little bro agreeing.

Well, I am sure you could finish this story… that scenario didn’t last long. He didn’t want to follow my bossy lead everyday and when he got a little bit older he had formed his own opinions and of course he became his own person. Who knew?

We all have our own voice.

Sure, others can totally influence the words you use and how you say them but it doesn’t change the fact that they still can’t physically talk FOR you.

One year ago today I started my journey into the world of podcasting. On that day I shared my reason for starting. It really just came down to the fact that I wanted to talk.  Having been given the nickname ‘tena-talk-alot’ at the age of 10, this wasn’t a surprise to anyone.

When asked by my then business coach, Erika Lyremark, what is was that I wish I could do all day and get paid for it, I had a quick answer »»» talk.

So I did it.

I talked for a whole year.

But that wasn’t all.

» I interviewed over 50 incredible people. From my hubby to some of the coolest peeps in the world of marketing.

» I listened. A lot. In that time of listening I also learned.

» I learned that it doesn’t matter your industry, your list size, your gender or your talent, if you are passionate about what you are doing it is inspiring.

» I asked for a lot of help. From my team, my guests and my family.

» I was consistent. I not only podcasted every week for one year, I also blogged.

» I grew my business. Many people ask the return on investment for podcasting and my answer is priceless.

I spent a ton of time with my butt in my desk chair, my headphones on + some awesome biz peeps on the other side of my computer screen and tena.cious has seriously benefited from it. Not only have my biz + my list grown, my passion has too.

The year is done but the podcast (and the learning) isn’t.

We are taking a short break while we take the CLIQUEpodcast up a notch.

PLUS »»» We are launching a second podcast. We know, we are totally and 100% crazy.

I am thrilled to continue this journey, share everything I possibly can with you all and invite you to join.

If you are not sure how to even listen to a podcast, you are not alone. People ask me daily. Here is a quick walk through.

iPhone users »» The newest operating system has the Podcast app included. Open that app (it is purple), and search CLIQUE.

Andriod users »»» Buy an iPhone. Okay, no really. Download ‘Stitcher’.

OR you can listen online here »»» www.tenapettis.com/podcast

I would LOVE if you would hit subscribe and if you listen and would like to give me a review I would be honored! iTunes looks at these two things to determine which podcasts to feature.

Thank you to all of you that have tuned in, given feedback and supported me along this journey.

This week I am honored to share the mic with Jessica Kupferman. I am eternally grateful for her knowledge, friendship and willingness to share. She kicked us off with the first episode and I thought it only made sense to bring her back to wrap it all up and throw a bow on it. You can listen here.

Are you doing that one thing that you wish you could? If so, I want to hear all about it. Comment and share with me. Still on that journey? I want to hear about that too!
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  1. Sheryl Jones July 2, 2015 at 4:03 pm - Reply

    Happy Anniversary Tena!!! I LOVE Jessica Kupferman she is so informative!!! I know how it is to make changes and follow your passions. She had some great information about digging the hole and not being afraid to change. I appreciate the deep conversation you guys had. I will miss your podcast until it returns Tena. Thanks for sharing this podcast with the world.

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