Angie Weber » The Search For the Perfect Employee [S2.00]

Top Ten Reasons to Listen

  1. Angie shares her journey from graduating college to landing her ‘dream’ career at tena.cious.

  2. We got out a kick out of the change that Angie has made from just crossing things off her to to-do list to basically running tena.cious.

  3. Hear what networking group caught Angie right up and why.

  4. An ’employee’ winning an award from a group of business owners? Yep! Angie is Destined to WIN!

  5. Networking is how I found my job, but yet they teach very little of this in college. – Angie

  6. Angie has some STRONG opinions on networking and what it should look like to you.

  7. Each event Angie has attended she has grabbed a golden nugget from – hear why this has changed her life.

  8. Hear how I grabbed up Angie and her journey into being an intrapreneur.

  9. I don’t stop calling until I hear no. – Angie Weber

  10. Angie shares who her mentors have been and the influence each one had on her journey.

About Angie

In 2010, Angie jumped on board at tena.cious and has never turned back. A committed and loyal member of the team, she has seen tena.cious from its baby stages to the current powerhouse of incredible minds it is. While she is sometimes known as ‘mini Tena’, she remains largely oblivious to the fact that most everyone in the office aspires to be a ‘mini Angie’.

Watching a business grow from the ground up, she has learned more about the processes, struggles, and successes than she could have ever imagined. Although entrepreneurship was never in her plans, she had the drive and heart as she took tena.cious on as if it was her own. Soon she discovered, even though she may not be an entrepreneur, there is no denying that she’s an intrapreneur.

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