Jennifer Boyd Ross » The Upside Down Moments [S2.02]

Jennifer Boyd Ross » The Upside Down Moments [S2.02]

Top Ten Reasons to Listen

  1.  Jennifer got the name for her biz by repelling off a wall. You gotta hear this.

  2.  “Sometimes life turns us upside down and it’s in those moments that we get a new perspective on things.”  -Jennifer Boyd Ross

  3. She gets a charge from helping her clients. She truly, truly loves it.

  4. The first step can be scary, but Jennifer is there to fuel your momentum.

  5. She lives her life by setting an example for her clients + her daughters.

  6. “Everybody’s journey is a little different.” -Jennifer Boyd Ross

  7. She’s got some crazy good advice for you mamas out there.

  8. “My clients are my best teachers.” – Jennifer Boyd Ross

  9. She doesn’t need a happy face, she just needs you to be mindful.

  10. I fuel her book addiction. #NotSorry

About Jennifer

Jennifer is an Integrative Health Coach and Registered Nurse. She trained at Duke University and offers services to help people who want to take charge of their lives by making and sustaining lifestyle choices that support their values and visions and center on lifelong well being.

Connect with Jennifer

I don’t know what I would do without my biz coach, but I know how stressful it can be trying to find the right one. Jennifer makes it easy. She’s got this awesome freebie :: 10 Things to Consider When Hiring a Coach. 

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