Dawn Brolin » Melissa McCarthy of Accounting [S2.04]

Dawn Brolin » Melissa McCarthy of Accounting [S2.04]

Top Ten Reasons to Listen

  1. tena.cious thrives because of the work Dawn does.

  2. “Always leave people better than how you found them.” – Dawn Brolin

  3. Do taxes make you shudder? Me too. Enter Powerful Accounting. #CueAngels

  4. They want peeps who want to go on a journey with them. Trust me, you do.

  5. They have a total dream team that will no doubt change your biz + change your life.

  6. “Let’s focus on everybody’s strengths and get things done.” – Dawn Brolin

  7. Hear how Dawn got her very own raving fans.

  8. She finds inspiration from the peeps she met in Spark + Hustle. #LoveIt

  9. Dawn made a decision on April 4, 2011 to change her life. Curious?

  10. “Your attitude is going to change because of the people you surround yourself with.” – Dawn Brolin

About Dawn

Dawn was born with the innate ability to make accounting fun, useful, and rewarding. When she speaks in front of accountants, business owners, and managers, she has the ability to entertain while educating. Because of the great lessons imparted by her parents, one of her core value beliefs is to leave people better than she found them. When she comes across people while in the business world who are “out for themselves”, “out to only make money”, or simply don’t treat people with mutual respect, she intentionally separates herself from them. Dawn has worked hard to get where she is and can’t wait to share!

Connect with Dawn

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