Erin Smith » The Art of Starting + Periscope Banter [S2.05]

Erin Smith » The Art of Starting + Periscope Banter [S2.05]

Top Ten Reasons to Listen

  1. Erin gets people to go from their ideal world to actual profit + success.

  2. She’s like me » she left the corporate world for bigger + better things.

  3. “Every time I feel stuck in my business, it’s because I’m not reading enough.” – Erin Smith

  4. This lady loves animals. Who doesn’t love an animal lover?

  5. “I literally Googled my way through my first business.” – Erin Smith #Crazy

  6. Her business plan? What stumps people » let’s fix that.

  7. We could make a whole series of podcasts with Erin. She’s got so much goodness to share.

  8. “I want to push people to really get uncomfortable.” – Erin Smith

  9. She’s not afraid to show her flaws + it has changed the way she runs her biz. Hear why.

  10. Erin has amazing tips you NEED to hear if you’re planning on writing a book.

About Erin

Erin is a serial entrepreneur who had no idea she wanted to be a serial entrepreneur.  She learned how to start her business by going to real estate school at night, and just started buying houses.
After starting and selling a few other businesses, Erin heard time and time again from people how they would love to start a business.  However, they just didn’t know where to start.  So Erin decided it was her mission to make sure there was no one in the world who wasn’t starting a business because they didn’t know how.
Erin’s The Starters Club is all about inspiring those who may not know they have it in them, and helping everyone create and build the business of their dreams.

Connect with Erin

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