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Welcome to the show. As much as you probably want to skip around and find an episode that has the juiciest title I seriously want you to start right here. I share the crazy fun story about where this whole show started and a sneak peek into what you can expect to find here [...]

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money, money, money!

Tena & Angie reveal the best places to spend your money when hosting an event. Event planner, fab programs, a musician, swag, hotel, VIP dinner » worth it Unique app, snacks, charging station, A/V equipment, DJ » not worth it Next year » a legit library of books written by our speakers, drinks for VIP, [...]

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how to make your conference better than ours

Tena & Angie tell you how to make your conference better than theirs Choose speakers who want to be in the room whether they’re speaking or not Have attendees & speakers connect ahead of time via social Understand what your event planners can do & delegate to them Learn from our mistakes so that your [...]

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why defining your perfect client is crucial for your next event

Tena & Angie define their perfect client Pinpoint where your target market is getting information and how they are networking Get specific with your marketing to connect with your perfect client If you’re really intentional about who’s in the room, you can create the perfect offer for them at the end of the conference You [...]

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how to get 100 people at your next event

Tena & Angie discuss how they got butts in seats at the before. conference First, fill seats with your cheer squad Give a lot of information up front Don’t discount the price or idea of the event Integrate all of your networking; make it cohesive.

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Amp Up Your Business

The Amp Up Your Business event is focused on taking your business to the next level. The target audience is soloprenuers and/or small businesses, direct sales and people looking to start their own business. Amp Up Your Business will give you access to speakers & influencers that are sure to inspire, motivate and give you proven [...]

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the before. conference

From small biz owners to the next, we get how hard it is to know what questions to ask or where to spend your hard-earned cash. If you're feeling like you've got a ton of spinning plates that will soon come crashing down, let us help. Let's simplify your biz + find some clarity. With vetted speakers [...]

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Molly Dalbec » Hustling + Taking Time for YOU [S2.08]

Top Ten Reasons to Listen You all know how much I love good branding + Molly's is AMAZING. "To set yourself apart, you have to go against the grain." -Molly Dalbec I swear this lady is absolutely brilliant. "You are your biggest asset and your network is your net worth." [...]

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Anthony Abron » The Magnetic Networker + Building Solid Relationships [S2.07]

Top Ten Reasons to Listen I got another fella here peeps and you'll just love listening to his voice. He is known as the Magnetic Networker. "I want to make a win-win for everyone involved." -Anthony Abron We are totally on the same page about the importance of finding your [...]

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Amanda Walljasper-Tate » Brick and Mortar + Instagram for Biz in Small Towns [S2.06]

Top Ten Reasons to Listen She purchased a health food store from a 93 year old woman. #Awesome The number of things this woman is a part of is SO crazy. We share a passion. Listen to find out what it is! Amanda made a commitment to stay consistent. She [...]

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