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Erin Smith » The Art of Starting + Periscope Banter [S2.05]

Top Ten Reasons to Listen Erin gets people to go from their ideal world to actual profit + success. She's like me » she left the corporate world for bigger + better things. "Every time I feel stuck in my business, it's because I'm not reading enough." - Erin Smith [...]

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Dawn Brolin » Melissa McCarthy of Accounting [S2.04]

Top Ten Reasons to Listen tena.cious thrives because of the work Dawn does. "Always leave people better than how you found them." - Dawn Brolin Do taxes make you shudder? Me too. Enter Powerful Accounting. #CueAngels They want peeps who want to go on a journey with them. Trust me, [...]

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Claire Pelletreau » Get Paid and Facebook Ads [S2.03]

Top Ten Reasons to Listen It was a little dream of hers to be on this podcast. #HappyDance She says mastermind groups are like dating. It totally makes sense, you just have to listen. We share TWO biz crushes. #SoInLove Don't be afraid to start from the bottom. Claire did [...]

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Jennifer Boyd Ross » The Upside Down Moments [S2.02]

Top Ten Reasons to Listen  Jennifer got the name for her biz by repelling off a wall. You gotta hear this.  "Sometimes life turns us upside down and it's in those moments that we get a new perspective on things."  -Jennifer Boyd Ross She gets a charge from helping her [...]

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Polka Dot Powerhouse • Minneapolis Chapter

Why communication, content and consistency are the 3 most important pieces of a strong social media presence. How to maximize your potential and exposure on each of the social platforms. Secrets to connecting social to your bottom line. Where you are making your biggest mistakes, and the spots you’ve got 100% nailed down. How to [...]

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Lena Requist » The Art of Automation and Company Culture [S2.01]

Top Ten Reasons to Listen I've got a President here so you know it's going to be good. Lena dishes all about company culture + all that Ontraport is doing to mix up the email automation industry. As a biz owner, this stuff gets me so jazzed. I guarantee you'll [...]

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Angie Weber » The Search For the Perfect Employee [S2.00]

Top Ten Reasons to Listen Angie shares her journey from graduating college to landing her 'dream' career at tena.cious. We got out a kick out of the change that Angie has made from just crossing things off her to to-do list to basically running tena.cious. Hear what networking group caught [...]

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056 • Jessica Kupferman

When I was 3 1/2 years old, I was blessed with a little baby brother. Being the first born and all, I of course knew his every need and therefore he didn't really need to talk, right? I had an answer to every Q my parents threw at us, even if it was really just [...]

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055 • Amanda Zimmerman

Top Ten Reasons to Listen ::  This gal lived in 4 cities in 4 months. At 23 she jumped from corporate and decided it wasn't worth staying just to build her resume.  I still can't get over this one »»» She had 11 different roommates over the course of the 4 months. Jump off the [...]

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054 • Andrea Gribble

Top Ten Reasons to Listen :: Okay, how cool is this... Andrea's business name starts with a #. Andrea dishes some crazy stories on connections that her and I have made in the last few months. #Connectors Everyone has something to teach me. - Andrea Gribble This gals Target Market is MORE than busy and [...]

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