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053 • Lane Kennedy

Top Ten Reasons to Listen :: Lane is SO clear on who she works with and what she offers. It is refreshing.  This lady run programs + workshops. I love listening to the variety of 'stuff' peeps are doing.  Can't stand your J.O.B? Listen up. Lane dishes on this and I love it. Lane's goal: [...]

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052 • Lucinda Cross

Top Ten Reasons to Listen :: Ever heard the term 'side hustler'? Lucinda works with them.  Oh and she works with corporate Mom dropouts. I totally dig her verbiage. Vulnerable. This was the state she was in when she started her biz. Lucinda actually uses her college degree! #MoneyNotWasted #GrabYourDreams She dishes on the FIRST [...]

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051 • Michelle Evans

Top Ten Reasons to Listen :: Whoa » This lady switched her focus 3 times. Boom. Don't be afraid to ditch whatever isn't serving you and move on. Michelle is the go-to-gal for all over marketing strategy. She knows her stuff. Thought » What comes easy for you? We totally geeked out on #SharkTank. #favshow [...]

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050 • Kristi Olson

Top Ten Reasons to Listen ::  Find out all about areas of cultural influence. Kristi focuses on creating a master plan for clients to carry out and make a difference in this world. She dishes on how to look differently at core values. Thought »»» Whose dream are you living? If you are not passionate [...]

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049 • Erin Giles

Top Ten Reasons to Listen :: This girl started her biz online only with NO clue what she was going to do. Sound familiar? Erin is the founder of 'End Sex Trafficking Day' and the author of 'End Sex Trafficking'. She did a BIG ASK »»» 59 people said YES to writing an article in [...]

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eWomen Network

Why communication, content and consistency are the 3 most important pieces of a strong social media presence. How to maximize your potential and exposure on each of the social platforms. Secrets to connecting social to your bottom line. Where you are making your biggest mistakes, and the spots you’ve got 100% nailed down. How to [...]

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048 • Wendie Pett

Top Ten Reasons to Listen :: This woman's heart and soul are beautiful. You can just hear it in her voice. I promise, you could listen to her all day. Wendie Pett has been at this entrepreneur thing for 15+ years. #GoWendie She shares how her accident got her to where she is. This lady [...]

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047 • Racheal Cook

Top Ten Reasons to Listen :: Racheal's overnight success took 8 years. Her story is awesome + encourages us all to keep treking! This is cool »»» Racheal started with a super tight niche and then expanded. Learn why and how it totally helped her biz grow. She dishes on her #1 list growing tool [...]

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046 • Sheryl Jones

Top Ten Reasons to Listen :: This woman is nicknamed 'The Queen of Hearts' and on this episode there is no doubt you will know why! Sheryl Jones shares how her pain brought her to where she is now in her biz. We are CELEBRATING today for Sheryl » In October her biz will hit [...]

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