Molly Dalbec » Hustling + Taking Time for YOU [S2.08]

Top Ten Reasons to Listen You all know how much I love good branding + Molly's is AMAZING. "To set yourself apart, you have to go against the grain." -Molly Dalbec I swear this lady is absolutely brilliant. "You are your biggest asset and your network is your net worth." [...]

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Anthony Abron » The Magnetic Networker + Building Solid Relationships [S2.07]

Top Ten Reasons to Listen I got another fella here peeps and you'll just love listening to his voice. He is known as the Magnetic Networker. "I want to make a win-win for everyone involved." -Anthony Abron We are totally on the same page about the importance of finding your [...]

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Amanda Walljasper-Tate » Brick and Mortar + Instagram for Biz in Small Towns [S2.06]

Top Ten Reasons to Listen She purchased a health food store from a 93 year old woman. #Awesome The number of things this woman is a part of is SO crazy. We share a passion. Listen to find out what it is! Amanda made a commitment to stay consistent. She [...]

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Erin Smith » The Art of Starting + Periscope Banter [S2.05]

Top Ten Reasons to Listen Erin gets people to go from their ideal world to actual profit + success. She's like me » she left the corporate world for bigger + better things. "Every time I feel stuck in my business, it's because I'm not reading enough." - Erin Smith [...]

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Dawn Brolin » Melissa McCarthy of Accounting [S2.04]

Top Ten Reasons to Listen tena.cious thrives because of the work Dawn does. "Always leave people better than how you found them." - Dawn Brolin Do taxes make you shudder? Me too. Enter Powerful Accounting. #CueAngels They want peeps who want to go on a journey with them. Trust me, [...]

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Claire Pelletreau » Get Paid and Facebook Ads [S2.03]

Top Ten Reasons to Listen It was a little dream of hers to be on this podcast. #HappyDance She says mastermind groups are like dating. It totally makes sense, you just have to listen. We share TWO biz crushes. #SoInLove Don't be afraid to start from the bottom. Claire did [...]

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Jennifer Boyd Ross » The Upside Down Moments [S2.02]

Top Ten Reasons to Listen  Jennifer got the name for her biz by repelling off a wall. You gotta hear this.  "Sometimes life turns us upside down and it's in those moments that we get a new perspective on things."  -Jennifer Boyd Ross She gets a charge from helping her [...]

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Lena Requist » The Art of Automation and Company Culture [S2.01]

Top Ten Reasons to Listen I've got a President here so you know it's going to be good. Lena dishes all about company culture + all that Ontraport is doing to mix up the email automation industry. As a biz owner, this stuff gets me so jazzed. I guarantee you'll [...]

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Angie Weber » The Search For the Perfect Employee [S2.00]

Top Ten Reasons to Listen Angie shares her journey from graduating college to landing her 'dream' career at tena.cious. We got out a kick out of the change that Angie has made from just crossing things off her to to-do list to basically running tena.cious. Hear what networking group caught [...]

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056 • Jessica Kupferman

When I was 3 1/2 years old, I was blessed with a little baby brother. Being the first born and all, I of course knew his every need and therefore he didn't really need to talk, right? I had an answer to every Q my parents threw at us, even if it was really just [...]

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