Hi, my name is Tena and I talk… a lot. So I figured I may as well put these vocal chords to good use. This isn’t my first podcast but it just might be my last. See, my passions are probably not unlike yours – they are plentiful and kind of all over the place. I can hardly be defined by one area of expertise when it comes to biz and I love things like weiner dogs, a good game night and books – all the books. So honestly it just made sense to brand me. This brings us to this show – tena talks alot. I think you may just get a kick out of it.

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Welcome to the show. As much as you probably want to skip around and find an episode that has the juiciest title I seriously want you to start right here. I share the crazy fun story about where this whole show started and a sneak peek into what you can expect to find...