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Hailing from the land of Paul Bunyan, wooded trees and lakes for miles, Tena’s big personality + aptly given nickname ‘Tena-talks-a-lot’  sent her searching for more. After spending some time in the big city with a “big girl job” Tena quickly realized that the cubicle life wasn’t for her. With a little nudge from her husband she founded tena.cious, a social media + graphic design firm, and effectively launched herself as a brand with a career that makes room for all her passions.
Despite starting off as a company of one, Tena has built a team of amazing women who have supplied the resources + woman power for her to pursue a legacy outside of solely running a business. Her love of twitter, training and talking + her social rock-stardom shaped itself into an online community. But, Tena knew her experiences as a mom of three, business owner and leader in her communities mixed with the rockin’ biz peeps in her CLIQUE needed to be shared. Now her podcast allows you to get an inside look at what makes Tena + her guests tick.
With a heart as big as her personality, her raving fans + the size of her CLIQUE grows daily. And if you want in, you’re in the right place. 



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Tena Pettis