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Tena Pettis is a social media expert and accomplished speaker + trainer on all things social.  She founded tena.cious, the premier social media management + design firm in the Greater Minneapolis Area.  An accomplished speaker, Tena’s passion and energy excites audiences and inspires them to go after social media marketing success.

She’s known for building connections both online and in person, and is a strong advocate of customer focused, loyalty and relationship based sales.  Tena believes in creating a strong brand presence for your business and carrying that brand into social media in a fun and engaging way.

Laura Madden

“When I first connected with Tena through social media, her energy & presence literally grabbed me through the screen. I thought it was cool & intriguing. After experiencing Tena & the tena.cious team in person, attending my first live event with them, I was completely captivated and drawn in. I had drank the koolaid, you could say.”


Ursula Mentjes

“If you are tired of the status quo and a business that isn’t going anywhere, then it’s time to plug into a new community! Jump on board with Tena Pettis. Not only is Tena a rising star in the world of Social Media, she also has a lot to say regarding how to grow your own successful business—because she’s done it!”


Dara Beevas

“Tena’s expertise is the perfect combination of savvy and creativity. Tena.cious has changed the way I interact with our clients and has influenced how I guide them through their own social media challenges. After working with Tena you’re guaranteed a new outlook on social media with results to match.”


Working with Tena one-on-one just got that much easier. »»

It’s true, Tena has some serious insight into what it takes to build and maintain a successful biz. She has helped 100s of clients to take their businesses to the next level. Now she is opening up her calendar for some one-on-one love with you.

Throughout your three 45-min sessions, she will help you break through to the next level by tailoring it to where your biz is at right now. Social media will be in the mix, but there are other things you need in place to make it successful and Tena is ready to help you discover them.

If you are ready to get to work + look at your business as a whole, you need to click below and schedule your first session.

One Payment of Just $1000

If you’re interested in having Tena speak for your company/organization, or want to learn more about 1-on-1 consulting, shoot her a message below »»